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For Delicious Hot Dogs Seattle Should Be Prioritized

By John Kelly

A hot dog is a cooked sausage made by either steaming or grilling and serving with a bun as a sandwich. It is variably spelled as hotdog. Other variants of hotdogs also exist, including pigs in blankets as well as corn dogs. To buy the best hot dogs Seattle offers a nice place to visit. Many food facilities in Seattle sell some of the best hotdogs one can ever hope to find.

Several myths and stories exist concerning where hotdogs originated. However, pork sausages have their origin in Frankfurt, Germany. These sausages resembled hotdogs in many ways. Pork sausages existed in Frankfurt beginning in the thirteenth century. In Vienna, Austria, beef was added to the preparation and led to further development of the product.

Several stories have been told concerning the first person to ever sell hotdogs in the US. In one of the stories, it is believed that a Bavarian immigrant named Feuchtwanger was the first to do so. The wife to Feuchtwanger suggested in 1880 that they should add a bun to the preparation and they did, leading to the bun in modern hotdogs. Feuchtwanger sold his products in Missouri on the streets of St. Louis. Selling in rolls also started at the same time.

It was in 1800s that the term dog became synonymous to sausage. The association between the two terms emerged following allegation that manufacturers employed dog meat in making sausages. Because the eating of dog meat was very common in Germany at the time, these allegations were cemented even further. Sometimes, they were actually true.

The use of the full phrase hot dog to refer to sausage was coined around 1900 by Thomas Aloysius Dorgan. Dorgan was a cartoonist and allegedly coined this term during a baseball match. There are also several versions of this story. Some of the earliest uses of this term in reference to hotdogs can be found in different magazines in different months of 1893. In Knoxville journal, is appeared on 28th of September while in New Jersey Daily Times, it appeared on 20th May.

Various ingredients are used in the preparation of hotdogs. Common ones include fat, meat trimmings, preservatives, and flavorings. Examples of flavorings used are paprika, salt, and garlic. Sodium nitrite and sodium erythorbate are some commonly used preservatives. Traditionally, beef and pork are used in making hotdogs. Some cheaper varieties use turkey and chicken meat. Health concerns linked to traditional ingredients are forcing manufacturers to shift to using vegetarian meat substitutes, chicken, and turkey.

Hotdogs are made commercially by mixing all the ingredients inside vats. Ingredients mixed include fillers, spices, meats, and binders. The grinding and mixing of the ingredients is done by fast-moving blades. After a fine mixture is achieved, it is forced to pass through tubes inside casings to cook.

The amount of salt and fat contained in hotdogs is usually very high. Various preservatives are also added, including sodium nitrate and nitrite. These preservatives are linked to nitrate-containing chemicals, which are carcinogenic in nature. Because of the threat of cancer, manufacturers are abandoning traditional ingredients and incorporating healthier substitutes.

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