Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How To Podcast About Environmental Issues

By Laura Cooper

Podcasting refers to the making and regulation of different podcasts and being broadcast to social media or the internet. Podcasts may involve video, audio, PDF and other files. The files can be scubescribedand downloaded through different web syndication or else being streamed online from a mobile device or computer. Viewers and subscribers are able to watch, view, listen and transfer the episodes to different media players. When it comes to environmental issues interview podcast, individuals must have a good idea on what kind of problems are in the society they are on.

Climate change has been a debatable topic and continues to elude many researchers. Some people do not believe that it is happening while others believe it. The majority of scientists and researchers have explained that both natural and greenhouse gasses are the main causes of getting the changes. Global temperatures are dwindling and it makes the ice caps melt and cause sea levels to rise.

When the garbage is being disposed through burning or nuclear, it will emit chemical toxins that are very dangerous to the health especially when being breathe in. To eliminate this problem, everyone must limit their amount of waste every day. There are methods that can help lessen the garbage through recycling, reusing and reducing.

Without clean and fresh water, human beings will cease to exist. Polluted waters have been lurking in the dark for so long and with the aid of airborne virus and diseases, chemicals and toxins are also harming and contaminating the waters. Without water, the health of the people will decrease dramatically. A good way to create a new source of water is to dig wells. Some suggests through filters. People around the world are willing to take a step to bring clean produce to people who need it.

The more living creatures they are living on a planet, the more carbon dioxide are being released and other gasses as well. The over growing of population literally comes with a great cost of climate change and green house effects. Until all the human leaders and citizens have realized this issue, their behaviors will not entirely change.

Potable waters have become contaminated and have brought millions of people with different airborne diseases, toxins and chemicals. Roughly millions have no clean access to waters and scarcity is an issue. Countries that are underdeveloped are having this problem for centuries and even today they are still in need of help.

Pollution comes in various forms. Water, soil and air are common types that can be affected by pollution. Pollutions pose future threats to the environment and its people. Polluted air destroys the ozone layer and cause problems with health when breathe. Waters become undrinkable. Soils that are contaminated bring no life but instead destroy.

Waste disposal has been the problem for so long. It is easy to throw garbage mostly anywhere. On an average day, a person can throw off a few pounds of trash.

Mother earth is in grave danger. It is up to the human race to take part and stop doing all the madness. All nations must work together in solving these crises. Let the new generation feel the same commodities that old people have experienced.

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