Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Exploring A Cypher Entertainment Freestyle Collaboration

By Catherine Allen

When it comes to rap, there are a number of different styles. For example, there are traditional rap musicians and freestyle rappers. In most cases, the latter is a form of improvised rapping. Whereas, traditional rappers often use prescribed lyrics and music. When it comes to a Cypher Entertainment Freestyle Collaboration, it is often a meeting of the minds of two or more artists.

The term rap and freestyle have taken on different definitions over the years. In addition, in the past many well known rappers referred to improvisational rap as nothing more than individuals bragging about oneself. Whereas, some also labeled the genre as more associated with the spoken word scene than a musical genre.

The first aspect of rap occurred in the 1980s when old school rap became extremely popular. While there were some concern related to vulgar lyrics and actions related to killings and rape, the music industry solved the problem by providing ratings on a number of rap albums and CDs. Whereas, when it comes to improvisational artists, there is really no way to do so as the art form is almost always presented a live performance.

The rap genre as it is now known is based on two styles, freestyle and old school. In the first, artists create and spit lyrics on the spot, often without any subject matter or substance. Whereas, in the latter, artists use set lists, lyric sheets and memorization to perform pieces which have been written prior to a performance or recording session.

Newer definitions which have been in place since the 1990s suggest that the genre which now features artists such as Freestyle Fellowship and others as well as a number of competitions now focus on lyrics which are created on the spot. Individuals desiring to know more about the genre may want to check out the documentary "Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme, " by Kevin Fitzgerald. For, the file explains what this type of improvisational rapping means to various artists.

The genre is more widely accepted and has even found its way into the Grammy's and other awards shows. While rap has now made it into the limelight, this was not always the case. For, even the most well known rappers had a hard time accepting improvisational rap as a real art form. For, many rappers who were popular in the 1980s believed freestyle rap belonged more in the Spoken Word or Poetry Slam scene than that of a musical genre.

Many current artists actually learn how to rap by using improvised methods. As such, most turn the art into a rhyming game or conversation in order to practice the improvisational aspects of the style. These methods have a multitude of purposes including therapeutic activities, entertainment and as a way of discovering new and different ideas, spiritual exploration and self-promotion.

When it comes to Cypher oriented rapping, most often the term refers to a series of rap battles or contests. One example of this type event is that of "Drop The Mic, " an American television series featuring celebrities going head to head in a series of rap battles. After which, a winner is declared by the noise ratio of applause for each celebrity by the audience, though there have been a few ties over the course of the program.

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