Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Choosing Bail Bondsmans In Lake Charles

By Sandra Powell

There are instances when you might have a loved one arrested and thus you are required to come up with a way of keeping them out of prison. Most people who get arrested are usually given a bond amount which should be paid for them to get released. The amount of bond could be very expensive and you might not have the cash. That is where a bail bondsman comes in handy. When choosing bail bondsmans in Lake Charles, there are factors that should be considered.

A judge is usually supposed to set the bail amount, which is done based on how serious the crime was and likelihood of the accused appearing for court summons. For those that do not pose any flight risk, they are given the option of paying the bond fully or asking for assistance from a bondsman. The bondsman will pay some portion of the bail amount and declare in writing that they will pay the remainder should the accused fail to appear in court as required.

The bondsmen are supposed to regularly check on you to ensure you are at the place where you are required to be. They also ascertain that you will be showing up for court dates. In the end, the amount of bail is returned and the bondsman gets to keep 20 percent of the total, which they collected already.

As regards the selection of bondsmen, there is the need to choose someone that takes their time to know you. They will usually take pictures of clients, their characteristics and identity. They will do the same for the person that co-signed for them. They will interview you and ask different questions so that they are able to determine whether you will be likely to appear in court or not. When a bondsman knows their client better, they are more likely to assist.

There needs to be an agreement on payment terms. The selected person should match your needs. They should be frank and upfront as regards the way they operate as well as the percentage which they shall be taking. You also need to know if they will need collateral. If they do, they might require car documents of the person, or any other viable options.

The person or company that is chosen should be trusted by the Better Business Bureau, BBB, and have all the required licensing. When you first meet, you need to ask for documentation which explains their terms. If there is no such documentation, it is possible that they might lack the skills and experience. Reputable bondsmen are backed by the BBB and should be insured and licensed by the state.

You need to work with someone who is knowledgeable and very experienced. They need to be conversant with what you are going through and should answer any questions you could be having. They need to be versed with the legal system so that they get you from jail much faster.

You need to work with someone who is available. The availability determines how fast you get released. They need to quickly post the bind to ensure quick release.

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