Friday, July 24, 2015

Advantages Of An Industrial Cleaning Company

By Stephanie Wilson

The cleaning business is one that faces some of the fiercest competition anywhere in the world. There are different forms of the service with each being determined by specific client requirements, the environment to be cleaned and the resources owned by the cleaner among other factors. Broadly, there are three categories recognised: domestic, commercial and industrial. There are a number of facts you should know about an industrial cleaning company if you plan to start one.

There are a number of differences between the clean up services offered domestically and those that are offered commercially. While the former uses simple manual labour, the former often requires skilled labour and the use of heavy equipment. This makes it highly labour intensive. Additionally, the chemicals used in the industrial setting are usually way stronger compared to those that are used for domestic cleaning services.

Ensure that you conduct enough research so as to understand your client well before taking up any projects. Understanding the environment that is to be cleaned will go a long way into helping you plan for the task. For instance, areas that contain foodstuff and pharmaceutical products should not be cleaned by toxic detergents due to the risk of contamination. You and your client should understand what exactly is to be done from the very onset.

There are many different types of industries that require these services. Manufacturing companies are some of the commonest and will require you carry out a number of tasks that include cleaning and degreasing floors, degreasing machines and high level clean up. Clean up of staff areas such as kitchens and washrooms may be required as well. It is important to visit the area in advance so as to carry out your own assessment.

If you are maintaining the same work force for a long period of time, ensure that they undergo regular medical check-ups. Toxic chemicals may build up in the body and these may have detrimental effects later on the affected persons. Such cases have been seen in the case of clean-ups that involve lead plants, other heavy metals and toxic gases. Failure to address these concerns may also lead to law suits and demands for compensation in future.

Workplace accidents are not uncommon in this business so you will need to prepare on how to handle them. Each industry has rules and regulations relating to cleaning of equipment and the surrounding environment. You should be conversant with those that apply to your specific situation. Ensure that all your employees have personal protective equipment when working. At the same time, they should all be properly trained on how to respond in the case of emergencies. Frequent drills can be organised to achieve this.

The contracts that govern cleaning service provision very greatly depending on the premises that are involved. The frequency of providing the service may be daily, weekly, monthly or even every couple of months. In some situations, the service provider may be required to provide consumables such as toilet rolls, bin liners, paper towels and so on. If this applies to your case, have the costs factored into the budget.

In recent times, the trend has been the adoption of robots in clean up services. These have been said to have more advantages than using human power. For instance, robs are not prone to workplace accidents and health risks. Consequently, they lead to wider profit margins and greater efficiency. Another analysis shows that using a hybrid model that involves both robots and human personnel works best.

You should strive to always provide the best service for your clients. In this business, the results will always speak for themselves. This is a sure way of getting more referrals to your business.

Apart from starting and building your business from the ground up, you can choose to buy a franchise which already has built a name for itself. The advantage of this is that most of the marketing is done by the parent company.At the same time, you will benefit from the goodwill already created.

Industrial cleaning is a simple but a challenging venture. You will be well advised to learn the industry well before starting your business. Some of the support structures that one needs are good networks of suppliers and clients. Always be up to date with what is going on in the industry and embrace technology whenever you get the opportunity. This is the surest way of staying at the top.

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