Thursday, July 23, 2015

LEDs compare fluorescent tubes in Light Boxes

By Michael Cheung

Discuss the current challenges the industry is facing and the task display specialists have to play in helping shops to increase footfall, the consumer experience and brand awareness.

Use of LED lighting over fluorescent tubes in regards to the extra outlay against long term electricity reductions

One of the finest strategies for a retailer or leisure operator to increase footfall and increase brand visibility, is the wise use of illuminated display within their windows. One of the best ways of to try this is with the use of display light box which offer crowd pleasing illumination to promotional and advertising graphics. The use of light boxes as a common illuminated display medium has been established due to the capacity for the graphics to be changed easily by onsite staff and the versatility of the light boxes in terms of styles and sizes.

The advent of edge-lit lighting roughly 7-8 years back enabled space saving solutions and the up to date look E-handsome now used to, with the ultra thin light box, matched against the more normal deeper backlit light boxes. Nevertheless one of the current challenges we have faced has been to decrease energy consumption of the lighting. This has effectively been realised in the previous couple of years by the developments in LED lamps

LED lamps are now brighter, more stable and offer bigger longevity than ever seen before. They're bright enough to directly replace fluorescent tubes in ultra slim edge-lit light boxes and normal backlit light boxes and regularly LED light boxes are even brighter. Also they aren't constricted to length in the way fluorescent tubes are, so they not only offer power savings, but they also improve the standard of lighting vis lightness and light distribution, which gives a enticing illumination to the promotional graphics.

Therefore , LED illuminated displays are brighter and offer better quality lighting for promotional graphics compared with fluorescent tube illuminated displays. They are also, despite the comparatively small further outlay, a less costly solution over the long term offering important power savings, up to 60-80%, and are a better all round solution for the environment.

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