Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lighting Up With A Solar Company

By Sandra Myers

Throughout the entirety of its existence, humankind has always found itself at a physical disadvantage compared to other animals, especially those of similar size. Not even an athlete with the strictest of training regimens and a steady diet of performance enhancing drugs can hope to match them. But physical power is not the end all be all of domination. Chimps did not soar above the clouds and walk on the moon. Gorillas did not build cities and empires. No, those laurel wreaths belong solely on the head of mankind and mankind alone. These achievements were made possible due to a quirk in the way humanity evolved. Instead of receiving the muscular development enjoyed by other hominids, human beings would instead get increased cognitive abilities, a tradeoff that only a meathead with the thickest of skull would argue did not end in favor of humanity. This intellect allowed early humans to recognize that a sharp rock was a good weapon and to recognize that attaching said sharp rock to a long stick would make for an even better one. But the wonders of the modern world need energy in order to work, and that energy can be provided by a Dallas solar company.

Solar panels are flat, because panels generally are. They are also somewhat reflective, to better absorb light. What they do is that the light they absorb is then converted into electrical energy.

There is nothing in the world that can match the power of the sun. Every single nuclear warhead can go off at the same time and the result would still be a fraction of what the sun is able to produce. Solar power is the single cleanest and most abundant source of power available today.

Solar is a clean energy source. It is also does not intrude on space. It harnesses what is already there. Nothing needs to get broken and nothing needs to get spilled. Earth is already being hit with constant sunlight, it simply makes sense to harness it in order to make sure make society less reliant on fossil fuels and natural gases. Greenhouses gasses deplete the ozone layer. Most conventional energy sources emit greenhouse gases. Solar panels do not.

There is no denying that solar energy is a growth industry. While other in the energy sector die rightly deserved deaths, harnessing the sun is growing, all over the world. At some point, likely in the next decade or so, many countries could run on renewable energy.

As with all things in life, the cost should be considered. If there is one drawback to the making the switch, it is the cost. While they have been steadily going down in recent years, it is still not a decision that should made on a whim. But some companies will offer payment options that are somewhat flexible.

The volume should also be considered. Too many panels will do nothing for a single property except cost the owner more money and take up more space. Too few and there will insufficient power. There needs to be the right amount, so that should be discussed with the company as well.

Panels do not need much maintenance. There are no moving parts to them. As such, the only maintenance is just to make sure that dirt and debris do not block them.

Time waits for no man. Nor does it wait for any industry. Progress happens, whether people are ready for it.

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