Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tips On Creating Public Works For Artists

By Jose Brown

This guide is aimed at helping artists who are interested in learning more about the opportunity to create public artworks. While this might seem like a daunting prospect creating public works may be much easier to achieve than you realize. Read on to get some practical tips to help you to take on this type of project.

Even if you have little experience there are many ways to develop opportunities for creating public artworks. To help you on this front there are loads of low cost or free resources around. Some examples are listed below.

For instance many resources are available online for free or for a small annual membership fee. These arts resources may include listings of commission opportunities, guides to creating public art and much more. The aim is to give artists comprehensive information to help them to navigate their careers.

As well there are many different types of art magazines which are geared towards helping creative practitioners to learn about career development opportunities. These may be obtained from book sellers and libraries. Some are also available on the internet. Be very vigilante in vetting the listed opportunities. Unfortunately there are some dubious sponsors and organizations around which charge extremely high entry fees.

There are a lot of different ways to go about this type of project. Although it is very nice to have a public commission fee from a large company or organization there are also many small scale projects to consider. To follow are some tips for cultivating these opportunities in your area.

There are many youth programs which give young people the chance to work with artists. Typically the young people and artist work together on a shared project such as a mural. Look around in your area for organizations which might be happy to host or sponsor this type of project.

It is very important that you have carefully attended to legal requirements such as insurance permits and background checks. Making sure that you undertake projects safely and responsibly is essential. Tend to these matters first in order that you can enjoy the creative activity freely.

Some artists create paintings and sculpture in their studios and then seek sponsors or hosts for exhibiting the work in a public space. Possible options include banks, youth centers, community centers, schools and hospitals. There are a host of organizations which are eager to beautify their indoor or outdoor space with public artwork. Some artists strive to work in recylable and practical materials. For instance there is a growing trend to create public art from recycled paper, yarn, sand and other materials which may easily be removed following the exhibit. In fact many organizations appreciate works that are temporary and do not pose any damage or change to the building or premises. The added bonus is that the artist may be able to display the artwork elsewhere in the future. Although creating work for the public requires much research and hard work it can be very rewarding.

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