Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finding A Good Thrift Store Everett WA Way

By Tracie Knight

For some, nothing beats a good second-hand shopping experience. These days, with prices going up and job availability going down, finding a thrift store Everett WA way makes more sense than ever. Especially for those times when you just feel like going shopping, bargain-hunting at a not-new store can be lots of guilt-free fun.

The main motivation for shopping like this is saving money. When you can buy a hundred-dollar coat for fifteen or a forty-dollar pair of shoes for three, it's great. People with a good sense of style and an idea of size can afford to outfit their whole family.

People donate clothing for lots of reasons. Some like getting tax deductions. Others want to get rid of last year's styles to make way for the new. After a death, families often take the contents of a house going up for sale to a consignment or non-profit store. That means you can find books, dishes, kitchen ware, lamps, movie or music discs, small appliances, and sometimes furniture at great prices. Collectors look for figurines, glassware, Christmas collectibles, rare books, and other things.

Moving is a good time to dispose of 'clutter' that you don't want to pack. The funny thing is that there are others who can't wait to take those same items home with them. Stores weed out damaged or outworn items, so what's on the racks or the shelves is usually eminently usable. The staff often makes a real effort to organize things to make shopping easy and pleasant.

There's a certain sense of excitement to 'thrifting', since you never know what you'll find. It's often surprisingly easy to get exactly what you went for, but you also may find stuff you didn't know you needed. You may go down for a winter coat or a summer gardening hat and come home with that item plus a book or two, a pair of sunglasses, and a picture frame.

Fitting rooms and full-length mirrors are standard features at most shops, so you can try things on. It's a good idea to check on the policy for returning items, especially if you're shopping for others who are not there to approve purchases. Often you must keep your receipt and make returns in a timely manner, but all sales might be final.

It's a great feeling to get a whole new wardrobe for about what you'd pay for one or two garments at the mall. You may find clothes from upscale stores and catalogs; this means you don't have to make the trip to the big city or pay shipping as well as full retail price. You may also find the perfect stocking stuffer or Christmas gift when you least expect it.

With over 100,000 residents, Everett has many donors or consignors to keep the thrift stores full for those who need to save money or just love poking around to see what they'll find. The city of Seattle is about twenty-five miles away, so all the wares of that metropolitan area could be sifting down to the not-new shops near you.

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