Thursday, May 22, 2014

How A Hotel Property Management System Improve Client Service

By Marci Glover

The hospitality industry is incredibly competitive. The ability to travel quickly to any part of the world has opened up opportunities for tourism that never existed before. Of course, when visiting foreign climes visitors need somewhere to sleep. Because the industry is so competitive, establishments need to be very carefully managed. That is why it is necessary to make use of a sophisticated hotel property management system.

In these modern times everything is computerized. One of the main components of any tourism managing program is to keep track of bookings. It is not only a matter of keeping record of which guests are booked and at what dates, but waiting lists, cancellations and changes to bookings must be monitored very carefully. If this is not done the rooms that could have been occupied will remain empty.

Hospitality establishments have no choice other than to prioritize the needs of some guests and clients. A tour operator, for example, provides the establishment with much more income than a single guests staying a few days. Priority clients therefore receive preference and the managing program must make provision for such interventions. It is also important to keep track of the personal preferences of valued regular guests.

The tourism industry is extremely competitive and the hospitality industry even more so. Guests do not want to be delayed when they arrive or depart. They want their bills to be presented on request and they do not want to deal with mistakes. The managing program must therefore allow staff to keep all bills updated at all times. It must also allow for input from various departments of the establishment.

Large companies that own or manage chains of establishments often have special software designed to address their specific needs. Other establishments need to select a product from the shelve. It is vital to evaluate the available programs carefully before making a decision. Is must allow for integration between the different components of the program and it must be simple to share information.

Management information is critical to the profitability of any establishment. The chosen software should therefore not only store records, but also produce a wide variety of reports and statistics. Some of the more sophisticated programs allow users to define to type of report they want. This information can be extremely helpful in planning purchases, in making decisions regarding upgrades and to develop marketing strategies.

Another important matter to consider when purchasing this type of software is the level of support that can be expected. No hospitality establishment can afford to be off line. The supplier must therefore be able to provide backup alternatives and round the clock support. It is also advisable to opt for a system that can be upgraded as needs change. The best course of action is to try a few systems before making a final decision.

Modern tourists demand instant responses. In addition, no establishment in the hospitality industry can afford to be without a website, online booking system and registration with several online tourism organizations. Those who choose to ignore modern trends will not be able to compete, let alone take advantage of the many opportunities to generate new business.

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